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[sticky post] My Uploads ~

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All files are for personal viewing only. Please do not reupload or repost download links anywhere. Thank you.

[AAA files @ aaa-showtime Community]AAA files @ aaa-showtime Community
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[2017.10.11][Album] SPICY CHOCOLATE - SPICY CHOCOLATE Best Of Love Songs
[2018.01.03][Album] Shuta Sueyoshi - JACK IN THE BOX

Music Videos

[2015.12.16] SPICY CHOCOLATE - Last Forever feat. Kato Miliyah & SKY-HI
[2017.07.05] AAA - No Way Back
[2017.08.24] Nissy - Ai tears
[2017.10.11] SPICY CHOCOLATE - Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dattanda feat.BENI, Shuta Sueyoshi & HAN-KUN
[2018.01.03] Shuta Sueyoshi - Byoushin Re:time
[2018.01.03] Shuta Sueyoshi - Run Away
[2018.02.14] Misako Uno - Doushite Koishite Konna

Live Perfs

[2016.06.05] MUSIC FAIR - AAA - NEW (Perf)
[2016.06.21] Utacon - AAA - LOVE AFFAIR ~ Himitsu no Date by Southern All Stars (Cover)
[2016.07.05] Utacon - AAA - NEW (Perf)
[2016.07.05] Utacon - AAA - Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu by Princess Princess (Cover)
[2016.07.16] Ongaku no Hi×CDTV 2016 - AAA - Koi Oto to Amazora + NEW (Perf)
[2016.08.28] a-nation 2016 - AAA
[2016.09.17] Kishidan Banpaku 2016 - AAA
[2016.10.01] CDTV - AAA - Namida no Nai Sekai (Perf)
[2016.12.07] FNS Kayousai - Nissy Cuts (Perfs)
[2016.12.30] 58th Japan Record Awards - AAA - Namida no Nai Sekai (Perf)
[2016.12.31] 67th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen - AAA - Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari (Talk + Perf)
[2017.07.02] CDTV - AAA - No Way Back (Perf)
[2017.07.22] MUSIC FAIR - AAA - No Way Back (Perf)
[2017.08.02] FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri - Nissy x miwa - Hoshi ni Negai wo (from Disney Movie Super Hit Medley)
[2017.08.02] FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri - Various Artists - Disney Movie Super Hit Medley

[2017.08.02] FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri - Yuzu x Nissy - Natsuiro (Talk & Perf)
[2017.08.18] MUSIC STATION - AAA - No Way Back (Talk + Perf)
[2017.08.26] a-nation 2017 - AAA
[2017.10.21] a-nation 2017 Live Special (0826) - AAA
[2017.12.30] 59th Japan Record Awards - AAA - LIFE (Perf)


[2010.02.09] AAA LIVE HISTORY
[2017.07.05] AAA - behind the scenes of "No Way Back"
[2018.01.03] Shuta Sueyoshi - JACK IN THE BOX - Byoushin Re:time Making
[2018.01.03] Shuta Sueyoshi - JACK IN THE BOX - Run Away Making
[2018.01.17] AAA DOME TOUR 2017 WAY OF GLORY

Otoko Tabi Season 4 (03.10 & 03.17)

Sway and Shokichi trip at Cebu, Philippines !! <3

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GENERATIONS - Buzz Rhythm Live & YMCA PV

Sharing the full performance of GENE from Buzz Rhythm Live. This live happened on 2017.11.04 .. also sharing pv of YMCA :)

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FNS'17 - Exile the Second

They performed Route 66 and YYY, with DEEP and Leola ..


Best Artist '17 - MW, GENE & 3JSB

Best Artist'17 live cuts of Mighty Warriors, GENE, and Sandaime .. not sure if this one is shared already but uploaded it anyway .. kinda late but here yah go :)




Love Queen



Route 66


(((only Second and E-girls for now, but if you're still interested in other ldh artists leave a comment)))

Inazuma Rock Fes - Exile The Second

Inazuma Rock Fest !!! love the part where Nishikawa joined Exile the Second in Choo Choo Train.

Choo Choo Train with Nishikawa !!! XD

[DL link]MEGA

a-nation 2017 Live Special

same a-nation'17, but it's HDier and has different camera angle .. Although this is not a full live, only 2 songs per artists, this is actually more beautiful and worth the watch !! :D


full live cut: https://rixzeiya.livejournal.com/20924.html







full live cut: https://rixzeiya.livejournal.com/21543.html

TGC'17 Autumn/Winter

hello ... I uploaded Tokyo Girls Collection perf of Dance Earth Party and The Rampage ..

[Dance Earth Party]MEGA


[The Rampage]MEGA

Zip !! Fes

that last thumbnail XD



I suggest you play this on VLC cause I tried it on MPC but it doesn't play properly >.<


gomen for the file size. I encoded it but always fail T^T

anyways, ENJOY !! :D